Satisfied Travelers

Through our experience and expertise, we strive to attain total customer satisfaction.  We take the time to carefully assess each individual client’s requirements in order to assist them with finding the best possible Villa experience for them.

The following are a few quotes from our satisfied clients…These statements have been compiled from the Guest Books in various villas.

Hope Cottage

“This was my 2nd visit to the Friendly Island, but my newly wed husband’s first.  I couldn’t think of a more romantic spot to spend our honeymoon and I think my husband would agree…The views are absolutely amazing.  Thank you for allowing us to share in the Hope Cottage experience; it will be one we will never forget!!”

Omar & Rukhsana

“Hope Cottage was everything we dreamed it would be – peaceful, relaxing, inviting.  We spent many hours enjoying the view and cooling off in the pool…Of course, we didn’t get everything done we wanted to – just leaves the door open to plan another visit.  Thanks so much – its hard to leave but we will always have the fantastic memories & pictures to treasure & share.”

Valerie & Greg


“This was our third trip to St. Martin – and perhaps the best!  Sunrise Villa was a beautiful change from the places we stayed in the past.  We spent every day at the beach...The views from the house are divine – the sunrise…Well, I guess that’s why it’s called SUNRISE VILLA!  The only bad part of the vacation is this very moment – the moment of departure.  Lovely, Lovely, Lovely!”

Phaedra & Family

“Had a wonderful time here: the villa is so beautiful, that we could have stayed here all week!  The views from the deck and bedrooms are just breathtaking.  Seldom has a sunrise looked so beguiling.  Dawn Beach, just minutes away is probably the nicest on the island…Needless to say, we’ll be back!”

Khalid, Diane, Suzanne, David

“What an idyllic home in which to celebrate Artie’s 60th Birthday.  Eight of us gathered…ate…laughed…ate…laughed…drank…laughed…slept…laughed…swam…laughed…and talked…talked, talked….We did much exploring of the island and felt safe and happy to return to this lovely, spacious, comfortable home.  Mr. Busby’s was a wonderful home base for food and drink.  Norma was a welcomed and informative presence.  We hope to return!”

Candace & Donald

The Plateau House

“Thank you so much for the opportunity to use your lovely home away from home.  This has been a glorious week…I was looking to relax – This has been more than I ever could have asked for.  The beach views as I dangled my feet in the pool were perfect.  This has been wonderful.  This island is wonderful.  I’ll dream often with fondness of being here – and I’ll dream of coming back!!”


Villa Suzanne

“A joy, a gift, a grace, a blessing, a feast of the senses!  How else could I describe our time at your splendid sea side home.  That we could show it to our children added to our pleasure.  Thank you, thank you for making Villa Suzanne available to us.  What a treat!  We even had a full moon on our last evening here, unforgettable.”

Carolyn & Fritz

“Wow!  What an incredible place!  Both the island and your villa.  This was the perfect place for a 50th Birthday.  “Villa Suzanne will definitely be on our return list.  It was just my husband and I, so the much needed privacy and solitude was excellent.  Catherine was great as were the RE/MAX staff.  Again we thank you for the opportunity to experience your villa…A Birthday experience of a lifetime!”

Charlie & Suzanne

“We wanted to let you know that we had a most relaxing and fabulous vacation.  The villa is awesome!  Fantastic views, great breezes…The villa was totally self sufficient, you guys provided everything.  We will definitely recommend it to friends and will be back soon!  Catherine was totally awesome!  Fabulous Feasts prepared a wonderful meal for us.  What a lovely piece of heaven.  Until next time…”

Debra & Kevie

Villa Valhalla

“Mere words can’t describe the beauty of this place…but I’ll try.  The stunning views, peaceful surroundings, a beautiful beach, all made our honeymoon at Valhalla truly memorable.  The villa had everything we could think of, as if we chose it ourselves.  Than you and we hope to return soon to this idyllic paradise.”

Joe & Sue

“As we sit outside enjoying our last coffee under the gazebo, loving the view and listening to the crash of the waves – we decided it was an appropriate time to write our note and thank you for this wonderful opportunity to live inside this St. Maarten Postcard you call “Valhalla”.

Kathy & Kevin

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